The monthly traffic characteristic, that is at times also identified as bandwidth or data transfer, indicates the total volume of information that can be uploaded to your cloud hosting account and downloaded from it monthly. Your traffic is generated generally by web site visits - every time somebody loads your site, the pages they view are downloaded from your hosting server to his / her machine or smartphone and they are displayed by the browser. What counts for the website traffic generated is the size of these webpages, therefore the more website visitors you get for a period of time, the more web site traffic will be produced. Along with the website visits, file uploads will also be counted towards the entire monthly transfer which means that any time you upload site content or any other files with a file manager or an FTP program, they'll also generate some website traffic. The counter resets on the very first day of each and every month and it's not related to the date you've subscribed or the date you have renewed the hosting plan.
Monthly Traffic in Cloud Hosting
All of our Linux cloud hosting are suitable for any type of small-scale or medium-sized website and even a larger variety of web sites. Considering that you can host a number of domain names from just a single account, we have designed our plans in a way so as to supply you with all of the functions you will need. No matter if you run a private portfolio web site or an eCommerce site, our monthly site traffic quota that your website may use will not be a holdback. In this way, you will have the option to broaden your online presence and have lots of new visitors without worrying about reaching a cap. The Hepsia hosting Control Panel will provide you with in-depth information for the traffic usage to and from your account, that will enable you to take care of your sites and your account more effectively. You are able to view monthly, daily and hourly statistics, the site traffic produced by each domain and by the account as a whole, the most often downloaded files, etc.
Monthly Traffic in Semi-dedicated Hosting
The monthly traffic characteristic of our Linux semi-dedicated hosting packages is unlimited, or as various companies define it, unmetered. Certainly, we keep track of the volume of uploaded and downloaded content for each and every account, yet we won't set a limit, which means that your sites can grow and get more site visitors. We only supply you with elaborate information what's going on in your account to help you control your sites better and to have an idea how they perform. You are able to monitor the traffic produced by each and every site as well as the most frequently downloaded webpage or file. The results are hourly, daily and monthly. In a ever evolving online world, it is possible to receive a significant number of new visitors with just a single advertising campaign, therefore by supplying a really unlimited package, we'll make sure that you do not lose customers simply because your account cannot take care of the site traffic.
Monthly Traffic in VPS
The monthly site traffic quota for our Linux VPS packages is proportional to the rest of the server’s system resources. If you buy a more powerful server, it is more likely that you will host a very popular website or even several web sites, so you'll have a lot more site visitors. By reason of this, the greater plan you obtain, the higher monthly website traffic allowance you will get. We'll will tell you whenever you reach 90% of the amount, in order for you to have enough time to take action and either upgrade your package or optimize your websites and reduce the traffic that they make before the counter resets the subsequent month. If you decide to upgrade, you can do so through your billing Control Panel and with only a few mouse-clicks. You will also be able to keep track of what amount of website traffic your server has already generated and the amount that is left until you reach your monthly limit. This info will be accessible in the VPS control panel where you'll also be able to reboot your server and check the use of all the other resources like HDD storage, CPU load and physical memory usage.
Monthly Traffic in Dedicated Hosting
The monthly website traffic quota that is featured with our dedicated server plans is more than enough for any type of web site whatever its type. Your web apps can generate terabytes of traffic, which warrants that all your website visitors will never see any kind of error message on your site a consequence of not sufficient quota like it could happen with many other types of website hosting. Also, we leave the option to upgrade your traffic amount open, however it's very unlikely that you will ever need it even if you intend to host a file sharing site or a video streaming portal. The server administration Control Panel will give you accurate real-time information how much data has been transmitted for the month so far, and how much is left before you reach the restriction. We'll also contact you if you get to 90% of the allowance in order to be on the safe side and avoid any downtime of your web sites. The data in this panel contains the total traffic, including software downloads, therefore it's more accurate than the one in your current hosting Control Panel where you'll be able to see details only about the visitors developed by online content.