The Websitewellness Control Panel has been made to bring in enhancements to the usual site administration interface. The last Control Panel pioneer – cPanel, was developed in the year 2000 and hasn’t ever undergone a critical advancement since that time. The Websitewellness Control Panel is built on the ideas of the present, bringing simplicity of use and user friendliness to all site management duties you can think about.

Go all the way down and compare the two site management solutions, read more about their positives and negatives and discover which one can match your preferences best.

1. Domain/billing/site controls

When using the Websitewellness Control Panel you are able to control your web sites, domains and email addresses from exactly the same place. You don’t need to make use of any other invoicing or domain name user interfaces.

Using the cPanel Control Panel, you will have to log into 2 separate website management solutions – a billing panel from which you handle domain names and billing and the cPanel Control Panel from which you manage your websites.

2. File Structure

With the Websitewellness Control Panel, each site name and subdomain will have its directory in the main cloud web hosting account folder. This way, all sites will be independent from each other.

If you decide to handle different sites from one cPanel account, it may be really confusing. You’ll have just one master web site and all extra websites and subdomains are going to be incorporated into its directory as sub–folders. If you’d like to avail of an individual folder for each individual web site, you will have to use separate Control Panel tools for each.

3. File Manager

The Websitewellness File Manager is meant to function just like your PC file explorer. Offering attributes like drag and drop file uploads, right click context menus, zip/unarchive functions, etcetera., it’ll make working with your data files simple and fast. Plus, there is also an inbuilt WYSIWYG editor and also a code editor.

The File Manager of cPanel is sluggish and limited in capabilities. Adding various files demands a considerable amount of time and and won’t include drag & drop support. The in–built archive/extract tool is not reliable and the file editing tools offer you only simple controls. There is no quick access to the available file administration features.

4. Absolutely free Bonus Tools

The Websitewellness Control Panel is managed by us and has a rich collection of zero–cost bonus tools that would typically cost you more than $1000 USD with many other companies. You’ll have access to numerous free of charge web templates, the Instant Website Installer, Applications Installer, a PHP Framework Installer, a selection of Advanced Resources, and so forth.

The cPanel Control Panel is propagated through a paid license and additional bonus features are going to be incorporated at an additional charge. This means that even if your provider delivers zero–cost benefits within the cPanel, their actual cost will be included in the price tag of your hosting offer. Additionally, the amount and type of totally free gifts will vary from one web hosting supplier to another.

5. Control Panel Tool Rates of Performance

We’ve enhanced our Control Panel to operate perfectly on our equipment exclusively. This will make it noticeably faster than similar site management tools. We have additionally designed it to

make use of the whole capacity of your Internet access – the speedier your web connection is, the quicker our website management tool will be running.

cPane is designed to be installed on an array of platforms using various hardware configurations. Consequently, it isn’t completely optimized to function on a certain platform, which could have poor influence on speeds and reliability. Also, It can be even sluggish at times of high server overload.

6. Multi–domain name Administration

The Websitewellness Control Panel helps you conveniently maintain various web sites along with their domain names from one place. Each website is going to have its own unique directory in the root directory of your website hosting account and will be fully independent from the rest. This way, you need utilize only 1 hosting account to handle as many domain names and sites as you have.

If you try to host numerous domain names in a cPanel hosting account, you will be faced with an extremely complicated directory hierarchy. By default, cPanel web hosting accounts are created to manage only one domain name. In this manner, if you need to deal with ten domains at the same time, for example, you’ll need to create ten unique accounts. Or else, all additional domain names’ files will be located in the directory of the main domain name.

7. Control Panel Menu

When using the Websitewellness Control Panel, you are able to instantly navigate from one section to a new one by using our very useful top navigation bar. It offers links to each section of the Control Panel and a brief description of everything that you can do there. In this way, even if you do not understand what the name of the area implies, you will have the ability to quickly get acquainted with its functions.

The cPanel Control Panel shows all available icons in the main page, which means it’s not customized to your own requirements. Furthermore, once you enter a menu, you won’t be able to immediately change to another one and will have to go back to the home page instead. This sort of navigation could be really bothersome for you, especially if you utilize multiple sections each time you update your sites.

8. Test Control Panel Accounts

With the Websitewellness Control Panel, we’ve made a full–fledged demo version for you to examine just before signup. You’ll get access to a demo shared web hosting account where you are able to create email accounts, use web apps, create brand–new subdomains, and even create a website with one of the web–site constructors, and so forth. If you like what you have created – you you’re able to sign up within the demo interface and keep everything you have come up with so far.

The cPanel Control Panel is designed with a general demo interface that doesn’t provide you with access to the primary web–site managing tools you need to explore. It’ll demonstrate how a simple home page seems like and you will have access to a small percentage of all the featured controls. The other sections will be unavailable unless you sign up.

Rather than just reading about the Websitewellness Site Control Panel, you can simply look into our Live Demo and discover yourself how hassle–free website management could possibly be.

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